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Avangard   Factory "Avangard" is created in 1996 on the basis of the largest furniture enterprise. On change to old foundations and the habits which for a long time have become obsolete, new creative style of development of the company has come. In short terms it was possible to change and expand completely assortment of let out production, to adapt to its inquiries of buyers and as result, to take a worthy place in the Russian furniture market. Now the factory makes upholstered furniture at once several directions for various categories of the consumer market.

   From 2000 year the company leaves on a new qualitative level. Reorganization has concerned not only collections of let out production. The structure of the company has completely changed also. During same time "Avangard" gets own design office on development of new models of furniture. Lately the design office of factory "has issueed" many interesting design projects and technical development, including essentially new mechanism of transformation patented in 2003.

   From two hundred the models of furniture created at factory, seventy borrowed the top lines in a rating of sales in various years. Now you can get at us both classical models, and stylish eurobooks. Upholstered furniture for a children's room and furniture for a summer residence.

   Factory "Avangard" has a network of firm interiors in Moscow and to Queen (the Moscow region).

   The wide assortment, high-quality and ecologically pure materials, huge choice of fabrics and leather - all that the world surrounding you became more softly and more warmly. And in 2001 our factory, besides the basic collections, began to be engaged in development of exclusive models under individual orders of clients.

   We create your furniture!

The address: Moscow area,
Phone: +7 (495) 981-66-44
e-mail: info@avangard.biz
web: www.avangard.biz


   The enterprises of Association "Allegro" exist and successfully develop for more than fifteen years. At present more than one million people made use of our company's production. The Association "Allegro" includes producers of the whole assortment of furniture, which create unique comfort in our homes. They produce frame furniture for your sitting-rooms and halls, kitchens and bedrooms, soft furniture.

   The Association "Allegro" has 13 own furniture salons in Moscow. The Association's production is presented in big salons, such as "Three Whales", "Grand", "Furniture Club", etc.