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   Dear Sirs,

   On the pages of our site we'll acquaint you with the enterprises-members of Association of furniture producers "Allegro" and with assortment of their products.

   All we, not by hearsay, know about the situation which turned out at Russian market for last 10-15 years - obviously everyone knows about dominant of import, provoking by distrust to Russian goods and peculiarities of Russian business, in which surroundings it's easier to earn money importing the goods from abroad than to produce the goods in Russia. From this - there are declaratory calls to support home producers and absence of real steps to this direction.

   Association of furniture producers "Allegro" was able to create the structure not requiring in artificial support. Effective system of management, constant improvement of technologies, co-ordination of interaction between enterprises of Association allow us to offer production, superior foreign analogues in quality and have lower price.

   22 enterprises, producing furniture and close to this sphere, become members of Association and have common purposes, which registered in Statutes - "The purpose of Association is co-ordination of entrepreneurial activity of Founders (Members) of Association, purposeful for improvement of exterior conditions of activity and for increase of ability for competition at internal and external market, for development of furniture industry, for forming of civilized market of furniture production and their service in Russia, and also representation and defence their common interests.

   Big enterprise is great opportunities. For 12 years we acquired many partners, and their quantity is growing. Quantity of companies and people, buying our furniture wholesale, is also increasing. We always glad to work with new people. If you engaged in selling of furniture, in architecture or design of interior or building, we're inviting you for collaboration. Big assortment of production, reliability and discounts allow to work stable and advantageously.

   Yours sincerely,
   President of Association of furniture producers "Allegro"


   The enterprises of Association "Allegro" exist and successfully develop for more than fifteen years. At present more than one million people made use of our company's production. The Association "Allegro" includes producers of the whole assortment of furniture, which create unique comfort in our homes. They produce frame furniture for your sitting-rooms and halls, kitchens and bedrooms, soft furniture.

   The Association "Allegro" has 13 own furniture salons in Moscow. The Association's production is presented in big salons, such as "Three Whales", "Grand", "Furniture Club", etc.
14 April, 2010
All furniture of Avangard company is available with 20% discount till 30th of April 2010.
12 April, 2010
Allegro furniture salon offers the huge choice of furniture. The furniture for your apartments, offices and summer houses are presented there. We are waiting for you from 10:00 till 20:00 each day. Our address is Zarechnaya street, building 139, Moscow area, Russia. The phone number is +7 495 543-73-15
07 April, 2010
The Allegro-Classic company announces new furniture models - "Turin" and "Town" sofas. It is perfect choice if you are looking for modern desing.
01 April, 2010
The Allegro-Classic company informs that own salon in "Furniture of Russia" trade center is closed starting from 1st of April 2010
26 March, 2010
The special present is guaranteed in case of furniture purchase from Verdi, Vita and Allegro-Style companies. Please check all details on www.mebeler-center.ru or by phone number +7 495 777-41-71
19 March, 2010
Allegro furniture salon offers space for rent furniture manufacturers. Trade, warehouse and office spaces are available there. Phone number is +7 916 903-02-22
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